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Laughing Demon is always open to meet and make new friends from across the globe~ we happily accept anyone and everyone who's like minded, looking for fun, and enjoys any kind of joking around that may and will ensue. We've kept the same Guild Master's since the guild's creation and we are exceptionally proud and appreciative of our Loyal Members & keep an eye out for those that wish to rank up in the guild since there are possibilities to do so. We play a variety of games, listed to the right & feel free to contact the Resident GM of whichever game you're interested in playing for information or invite to the guild there. It is encouraged to play multiple games with one-another, as it's a lot of fun and builds great bonds and good teamwork in party play; the guild Raid Call (pc voice chat) and Whatsapp (cell phone wifi text chat) will always be available for use as well as the message stsytem here to contact one another.

Laughing Demon is a no-pressure guild, we strive to have fun in every game we play.

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Black.Tea's PvP-Riot 2!

Laughing Demons 2nd PvP Tournament with a grand prize of 50,000 GOLD!

Go Berserk!

Go Berserk with Tera's new update coming July 7th.

The Brawler!

A teaser video of Tera's 11th class The Brawler
Feyria / Jul 23, 2015 / Tera

TERA is giving you double drops in eight dungeons, starting Thursday, July 23 at 1 p.m. PDT, and continuing until Monday, July 27 at 1 p.m. PDT.

Look for double drops in the following dungeons:

  • Akeron's Inferno (Hard)
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
  • Timescape
  • Timescape (Hard)
  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Sinestral Manor, Golden Labrynth, Cultist's Refuge

Remember, the double drops end don’t delay! Find a group and hit the dungeons!
Brajik / Jun 16, 2015 / SWTOR
Bioware announced SWTOR's next expansion, Knight of the Fallen Empire! It's currently boasting 16 new chapters with more streamlined gameplay, as well as "Choices that actually matter" and the ability to recruit your own companions! Check out the trailer:

Check out for more infro, I believe Dulfy will continue to update that page as more info comes. Current launch date is October 27, though subscribers will be getting early access starting October 20.
Feyria / Jun 11, 2015 / Tera
Find and open Big Blue Boxes in—game for a chance to get temporary and permanent costumes and accessories (from the 2014 lineup), permanent party hats, fashion coupons, fireworks, and shape changer items!
Thursday, June 11 at 10 a.m. PDT, and continues until Monday, June 22 at 10 a.m. PDT.

FML about the boxes DX I HATE THIS SHIT *goes to farm like a maniac* AHEAHEHJS!
Desvero / Jun 10, 2015 / Tera

The return of Black.Tea's PvP-Riot,
With is time around the stakes are higher and the fights bloodier!
Last years battles were fierce and brutal, are you ready for this years competition?

The tournament will be a 1v1 elimination (best 2 out of 3 rounds) in a pyramid bracket format.
The winner of each match will progress to the next.
Starting matches will be selected randomly using a random number generator (this will be done 3 times to ensure the most equal matching between fighters).
Each fighter must be registered on the Black.Tea's PvP-Riot 2.
Fighters must be level 65.
No charms or buffs (fighters will temporarily party with the host to ensure no buffs or charms are in play).
Non-equalized - with slight balancing. We may ask you to remove a piece of gear to close a major gap in stats. No one wants to watch a boring fight that lasts 10 seconds

Prizes are the following
1st place prize: 50,000 gold.
2nd place prize: Jadeheart Dragon Mount.
3rd place prize: Reaper Mask.
There will also be a participation prize, because why the fuck not.


Bonus round: Deathmatch!
You heard me right we will end this with an all out blood bath splitting the roster of fighters into 2 teams to dismember each other for Tea's entertainment.
But lets crank it up a notch!
Each team will have one healer outside the deathmatch that will constantly resurrect the fallen fighters until all members of an opposing team are dead.
Because we are demons and demons don't stay down.

Prize for the winning team: (Secret)


Bets will be held for each match.
Bets will be paid to the host before the start of the match.
Once a match has started bets will be closed.
Entry bet is 500g.
Betting will scale in 100g increments.
Bet cap is 5k.
The winner will receive 3/4 of the bet pool.
1/4 of the bet pool will go to the guild bank.
If there are multiple winners each player will receive an equal share from 3/4 of the bet pool.


The tournament's date is currently TBA.
Once 2 factors are met the tournament date will be posted to the guild website and Tera-Motd
1. An acceptable amount of registered fighters.
2. An agreeable day and time amongst the registered fighters.

I hope that many of you register to the tournament it's sure to be lots of fun and many laughs.