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Laughing Demon is always open to meet and make new friends from across the globe~ we happily accept anyone and everyone who's like minded, looking for fun, and enjoys any kind of joking around that may and will ensue. We've kept the same Guild Master's since the guild's creation and we are exceptionally proud and appreciative of our Loyal Members & keep an eye out for those that wish to rank up in the guild since there are possibilities to do so. We play a variety of games, listed to the right & feel free to contact the Resident GM of whichever game you're interested in playing for information or invite to the guild there. It is encouraged to play multiple games with one-another, as it's a lot of fun and builds great bonds and good teamwork in party play; the guild Raid Call (pc voice chat) and Whatsapp (cell phone wifi text chat) will always be available for use as well as the message stsytem here to contact one another.

Laughing Demon is a no-pressure guild, we strive to have fun in every game we play.

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Path of Exile & a new Laughing Demon branch!

Join the all new Laughing Demon branch on Path of Exile!

ZMR needs you!

Join the Laughing Demon branch on ZMR and blow shit up with Arya, the ZMR guildmaster!

Submit your Screenshots / Videos!

Contribute to the guilds growing media section and show off your guild pride!

The Brawler!

A teaser video of Tera's 11th class The Brawler
Arya.Scarlet / Aug 24, 2015 / ZMR
Starting from today i'll be making daily episodes of a ZMR PRIME SHOW. Episode 1 Part 1 Episode 1 Part 2 Episode 2 Episode 3 Part 1 Episode 3 Part 2 4 5 6 (Minesweeper Nightmare solo success)

Hoping it will give you the chills to hurry and come to my aid.
Brajik / Aug 24, 2015 / SWTOR

Pretty cool, our first real glimpse at the story for the upcoming expansion! Remember guys, 12x experience for story missions (allows subscribers to level on main story quests alone) with extra rewards to allow you to stay better geared will remain until at least the release of the expac with no solid end date. Those who subscribe by the time the expac release (end date is a little fuzzy) you get a free level 60 as well! This expansion storyline progression is based on KOTOR, so I'm looking forward to it at least!
Feyria / Aug 24, 2015 / Tera
Hello everyone!

Recently our TERA branch of Laughing Demon has been growing rapidly and we usually have quite a few cool members online especially during the daytime who are all level 65* and fairly skilled at the game and better yet fun to chat with. Everyone in game has been asking me and Des to do a guild list clean up in order for the guild to recruit more active lvl 65 players to enjoy the game with and befriend. With the guild character cap limit being only 300 in game, and there being no option to increase this limit we are left with only one option: to kick inactive characters, unplayed alt characters, and/or extremely low leveled characters that are not an alt or friend of someone in the guild (basically someone none of us have talked to or seen online that's a low level is gonna' get the boot).

Because loyalty and overall guild contribution means a lot to Des and I, we've really tried hard not to kick some of our inactive players (especially when their inactivity only extends a few months). Eventually we will have to kick some of our loyal friend's unused characters, however we will keep the main character the person played on and as always if said player is coming back to play actively they are of course more than welcome to return home to Laughing Demon.

If you've come to find some of your unused alt characters have been kicked, don't take it as in you're not welcome anymore-- it's simply because you didn't log into them for a long time. If you are planning on playing these characters on a daily basis you're welcome to rejoin them to the guild. If you do have alternative characters in the guild, be sure to use the "Notes/Additional Information" section in the G menu list to let us know which character is your main and which are your alts.

Over the length of running Laughing Demon many different members have always mentioned alt-guilds for people's alt characters inside the guild; Laughing Demon has tried this before and it did not work out for one very simple reason.. Once a group of people create another guild, that is what it is: just another guild. There is no easy way to connect the guild chats together, or to see both guild lists-- so ultimately a guild for alt characters is pointless and just turns into a whole other guild which divides our people. We don't want this, and we don't want alt guilds. Keep the characters you will play inside, and let us know if you'd ever like to switch them out prior to leaving with your original character. If you are a ranking member in Laughing Demon you will of course be welcomed to having alt characters in the guild, so long as you play them as they will be subject to clean up if they are left unused. The highest ranking of the guild: Des and myself, will be keeping all of our alt characters in the guild-- as we are the original two members of creation.

Like I said above-- if you log in after a long time to find yourself without a guild because you were removed from Laughing Demon due to inactivity, its not because we don't want you there-- its just because you haven't logged in a while. If you're coming back to the game, then be sure to rejoin us since we'd be more than happy to see you!

Laughing Demon is a one of a kind guild that will truly be around for a good while to come because we all care to make Laughing Demon a great guild-- a guild that we can all call home, come in to laugh together and enjoy each other's company while we enjoy various video games together. Everyone makes a difference in the guild, and any efforts a member puts in are noticed and appreciated by guild mates and admins alike. With that being said, be sure to invite any new/cool/interesting/funny/friendly people who are close to max lvl in tera and looking for a place to call home! We're a big group of friends, and the more the merrier!

Thanks for reading!

Desvero / Aug 24, 2015 / PoE

Hey everyone Desvero here with exciting news!

I have been working on a small side project getting a guild set up over in the game Path of Exile or (PoE)

It's a really fun Dungeon Crawler kind of game with massive emphasis on class customization.

How strong is the customization you ask? Well read this and look at the in game skill try below.

"This is Path of Exile's passive skill tree. It is a vast web of 1325 skills that provide passive bonuses to your character. Each time you level up or complete certain quests, you can allocate a skill and explore deeper into the tree. All character classes share the same tree, but start at different locations that are aligned with their primary specialties. You're able to either focus on improving your core abilities or travel across the tree to allocate exotic skills that your class normally wouldn't have access to.

Alongside the regular passive skills are Notable and Keystone passives. Notables have slightly larger icons, specific names and larger effects. They help guide players to build their characters on a macro level, allowing them to see at a glance what a cluster of passives skills does by examining its Notable passive. Keystone passives, however, fundamentally change the way a character is played by altering the game rules. They usually have one positive effect and one negative effect. For example, Necromantic Aegis takes away the properties of your shield, granting them to your minions instead of to you.

If you want to adjust your passive build during gameplay, there are Passive Skill Refund points available from quests or relatively rare items in the game that can be found or traded for. Fixing mistakes with a character build or improving small-medium sized aspects is relatively easy, but our intention is that players who want to try substantially divergent character builds are encouraged to play a new character through the game, organically leveling it up rather than just respeccing into it. "

Now if that doesn't make you even the slightest bit interested then just imagine this you are playing the archer (dexterity class) wearing full metal armor wielding a mace and shield razing an army of the dead and raining fire from the sky to completely destroy everything in your path.

That and lots and lots and lots and lots of loot.

Any questions just shoot me a PM on here and I'll be happy to help.

Oh and you can install the game normally via the Path of Exile website or though Steam for those of you who use it.

Feyria / Aug 21, 2015 / General
Hello! Fey here to iron out some details about the news section!

Ranked members are able to post news entries, and we hope to see more people contributing to news postings!

What is the news section for?
  • Free items in games Laughing Demon plays. (I.E. Free item codes, login rewards)
  • In game events and their run time (dates) from games that LD plays. (I.E. Double drop weekends, Double exp weekends, or Holiday Festivals)
  • Patch news/updates for video games we play. (I.E. Brawler from Tera/Ktera patch notes)
  • Up and coming news for video games we're excited to see come out (I.E. Black Desert News, Blade and Soul)
  • General guild updates (I.E. Changes to the website, new features/change of guidelines)
  • Guild events (I.E. events run by admin for everyone in the guild to enjoy)
  • Guild related projects/content (I.E. Kit's amazing adventure--literature written by Kit for the guild to enjoy that goes along with his TERA characters/Laughing Demon Rap Song)
  • Guides (I.E. RG guide made by Arya, Fey and Des)

What should you not post in the news section? (These things are subject to deletion, since they would be better suited in a forum section like general discussion.)
  • Solo recorded videos (this is more personal and is not news about a video game)
  • Personal updates about your IRL life (send these through PMs or post on the forums, news section is available for ALL randoms who visit our site to see but the forums and PMs are private)
  • Random things unrelated to the guild (self explanatory)

It's rather difficult for Des and I to pick up on all the news and repost them for everyone here so if you'd like to help out and post news for some video games you're more than welcome to and it would be greatly appreciated!

A few small rules to the news section:
  1. Don't delete other's posts, leave this to Fey or Des.
  2. Post current news,that's up to date at the time.
  3. Put the news into a section *there's a drop down box while posting news, and it's helpful to categorize the posts according to which game or section it'd belong in.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Include a nice picture, you can upload them at the IMGUR website.

  • TERA
  • Warframe
  • Zombies Monsters Robots
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Skyforge
  • Black Desert
  • Blade and Soul
  • Kingdom Under Fire II
  • Lost Arc
  • Wildstar
  • Path of Exile
  • Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Continent of the Ninth Seal

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks in advanced if you decide to contribute to the news sections!
Feyria / Aug 21, 2015 / General
Hi hi everyone! Feyria here to let you all know that Desvero found a cool new widget for our guild website and now we're able to create surveys for the guild to take so we can see what's up! Check the boxes to the right side for the link to the survey (its by where the poll is, and the raid call info, and all the guild master infos). ^.~ Thanks in advanced if you decide to take the survey!
Feyria / Jul 23, 2015 / Tera

TERA is giving you double drops in eight dungeons, starting Thursday, July 23 at 1 p.m. PDT, and continuing until Monday, July 27 at 1 p.m. PDT.

Look for double drops in the following dungeons:

  • Akeron's Inferno (Hard)
  • Bathysmal Rise (Hard)
  • Timescape
  • Timescape (Hard)
  • Vault of Kaprima
  • Sinestral Manor, Golden Labrynth, Cultist's Refuge

Remember, the double drops end don’t delay! Find a group and hit the dungeons!