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Laughing Demon is always open to meet and make new friends from across the globe~ we happily accept anyone and everyone who's like minded, looking for fun, and enjoys any kind of joking around that may and will ensue. We've kept the same Guild Master's since the guild's creation and we are exceptionally proud and appreciative of our Loyal Members & keep an eye out for those that wish to rank up in the guild since there are possibilities to do so. We play a variety of games, listed to the right & feel free to contact the Resident GM of whichever game you're interested in playing for information or invite to the guild there. It is encouraged to play multiple games with one-another, as it's a lot of fun and builds great bonds and good teamwork in party play; the guild Raid Call (pc voice chat) and Whatsapp (cell phone wifi text chat) will always be available for use as well as the message stsytem here to contact one another.

Laughing Demon is a no-pressure guild, we strive to have fun in every game we play.

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Feyria / Jan 07, 2016 / FFXIV

That's right everyone! If you paid 300k gil to have a personal room before at the Den of Demons 1.0, then tough titties since it ain't there anymore. Unfortunately enough, with how Square Enix's "free company" (guild) works in FFXIV.. if a person doesn't pay to play, you lose the guild to whomever is paying and online regardless of any set ranks or even if the person was a new member. This is not exactly what happened to us, but extremely close. All that doesn't matter so much now, because what does matter is what was done about this situation! After I nearly went on a rampage while Desvero was plotting evil deeds, and a few others doing whatever it is they do.. it was our very own Dara (aka Liquidmane/Zays) who got the guild back for us! YAY DARA! Thanks a lot and great job! After this happened, I subscribed for the max amount of days and Dara kindly passed GM back to me. We won't really be taking in new recruits from in game, but definitely rejoin us in the FFXIV guild if you've played there before and plan to resub! If you've been a member of our guild, and a part of the website but haven't tried FFXIV but are interested you are welcome to join us there too of course-- just let us know on a PM here, or +friend me: Feyria Zuras in game! Thanks for reading guys! See you there!


P.s. (edit): Enjoy a video tour of the newly redecorated house!
Feyria / Jan 03, 2016 / Special

Attention all Demons! For some of us luckies Desvero has given us the gift of a PRIORITY INVASION with tickets into the new Ghost in the Shell shooter: First Assault! For everyone else-- you're WELCOME to join us in it-- it's not so bad to pick up for 4.99$ USD for a pass if you enjoy shooters or you can sign up for a free ticket on the same website linked below the image (nexon)! Hope to see you there, my in game name is of course Feyria so friend me! ^.~ Also, add your guy's user names here if you want-- to make befriending each other easier!

Feyria / Jan 02, 2016 / General
Heya everyone!! Some cool news here for us all-- we as a guild have started using discord! The program is absolutely amazing! A few guildmates have brought it up in the past, Sula and Dara-- though Jackyyy finally got me and Des to get in on it, since he actually sent us a hyper link LOL! Here's what the program looks like on the dark theme, its rather nice!

The invite links expire every 24hr, and you can contact either me for an invite link to it! You don't need a cell phone (though the app is available there too), or even to install it (though that helps), or an active anything-- just got to register a discord account!

See ya' in chat!

P.s. You will not be able to join the discord unless you are a registered member of the Laughing Demon guild shivtr, which requires a shivtr account & then registering to our particular guild website. These features of the guild are exclusive for privileged members only who will take the time to join this site.
Feyria / Dec 29, 2015 / General
Hello friends and fellow guildmates!

As this year comes to a close, so too does our guild's time in the game TERA. It is the game that our guild was originally formed in, and the place where many of us first met and became friends. Time has not been kind to TERA, and neither has their development team as most of the content that's being pushed out is not exactly the kind of things that keep gamers playing.. It usually is just a reskinned horse mount, or another new elin costume.. If we're lucky it'd be a re-released dungeon everyone's already beaten, or a new "OP" class for everyone to just press space-bar until max level with.

All in all, we only have a single officer who logs into TERA anymore, and soon he too will be off in another game as soon as the new year brings new titles for us NA players.

Desvero and I have passed the Guild Master title of the TERA branch before to an officer we thought we could trust, but ultimately that decision was a horrible mistake and caused a lot of needless drama. Needlessly to say, we will not be passing GM to anyone else in the TERA branch, as the majority of the "core" of our guild does not care for that game any longer, so it does not matter if the branch is dead/dying and inactive.

Along with pulling out of TERA, we are also inactive in the ZMR branch as that game is a complete pay-wall and just another shitty EME produced game lol. If you'd like to play a fantasy-style MMO with us that is Free to Play, look forward to Blade and Soul-- and if you'd like to play a shooter with us that we'll never quit, join in on Warframe (PC)!


P.s. Comments are disabled because I don't care to allow people to post and whine about the decisions made here.
Feyria / Dec 26, 2015 / General

Hey everyone! Good news for all of us out there that already spent all of our holiday money, Blade and Soul is coming out January 19th and is Free to Play! Here is the official press release article from NCsoft . Our good friend and guildmate Donbean has already enjoyed himself during BnS's closed betas, and I do believe we aughta' join him when the game releases!

See you there guys!