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Laughing Demon is always open to meet and make new friends from across the globe~ we happily accept anyone and everyone who's like minded, looking for fun, and enjoys any kind of joking around that may and will ensue. We've kept the same Guild Master's since the guild's creation and we are exceptionally proud and appreciative of our Loyal Members & keep an eye out for those that wish to rank up in the guild since there are possibilities to do so. We play a variety of games, listed to the right & feel free to contact the Resident GM of whichever game you're interested in playing for information or invite to the guild there. It is encouraged to play multiple games with one-another, as it's a lot of fun and builds great bonds and good teamwork in party play; the guild Raid Call (pc voice chat) and Whatsapp (cell phone wifi text chat) will always be available for use as well as the message stsytem here to contact one another.

Laughing Demon is a no-pressure guild, we strive to have fun in every game we play.

Feyria / Mar 26, 2015 / Warframe
Hey guys! Log into Warframe for their 2 year anniversary to get a free Dex Dakra weapon!

The Dex Dakra is a unique weapon slated to be given away in celebration of Warframe's 2nd Anniversary in 2015. They were originally revealed at TennoLive during PAX East in 2015.

Barring any delays or complications, the Dex Dakra is expected to be available from March 25th (around 2 p.m. EST) until April 1st, 2015 [Prime Time, timestamp - 6:40].
Knoll / Mar 20, 2015 / Tera
Hello everyone!

So as we stand LD is ranked 13 among all the PvP guilds in tera's cutthroat league!

We still need 6 more GvG's to have our ranking count on the leader board, and if we win a few of those GvG's we can most likely win ourselves a sky castle!

So for this weekend I would like as many people as possible to join us for a few GvG's, doesn't matter if your geared or not, if your 65, got 10 working fingers and can PvP so some degree then try to be on this weekend!

Currently Black Rose Syndicate wants to GvG as a introduction for some of their newer players of theirs, I'll try to arrange a date for that GvG if we get more people but other then that if we GvG anyone else it will be random throughout the weekend so be prepared!

For the glory of the Dark Lord Knoll!!!
Desvero / Mar 07, 2015 / General

Hey everyone, Desvero (Master of all demons, & ruler of jello cups) here to bring you some very exciting news!

If you haven't noticed already (really if you haven't go get your eyes checked) the guild site has a new look. For 2015 I though a "Light" theme would be a nice change of pace from 2014s "Dark" Theme. I also went and updated the logo for the website by adding runes and a smoke effect to it as well as theming the entire site around smoke (You're welcome Don).

A few other new feature to the guild website is the new Poll Box on the right side of the page that is open to anyone to use. The guild also has added Categories to all news postings so if you just want to read about what's going on in Tera, now you can. Lastly and best of all the home page will now play the Laughing Demon rap song!

In addition we also have a media page! It's located on the far right of the menu bar but it's a bit wonky right now and you wont be able to submit to it directly. We currently have a screenshot, artwork, videos, fiction, and twitch tab, so if you would like to contribute to any of these galleries or want to show off your twitch steam send me the direct url of the picture, youtube video, or twitch steam and ill add it to the appropriate gallery.

Also in other big news I want to congratulate our 3 new Guild Masters!

Knoll - Guild Master of Tera
After running the guild for almost 2 years in Tera, Fey and I decided it was time to pass on the mantle of GM to Knoll after continuous dedication to the guild.

Shiki - Guild Master of Steam Group
Our guild mate Shiki was once in a allied guild of Laughing Demon and after some time ended up joining our Demon army, now a year later he leads the charge for us on Steam and Co-GM's our FFXIV branch of the guild.

Arya - Guild Master of ZMR
Arya once sold something to Fey in Tera, and moments later he was in our guild. Now a almost a year later Arya stands as our Champion and Guild Master of ZMR.

Thank you Knoll, Shiki, and Arya for your hard work and loyalty to the guild!

2015 is going to be a great year for Laughing Demon, I see many new game our guild can expand too and many other possibilities in the near future.
Happy gaming everyone!


Feyria / Mar 07, 2015 / FFXIV

Our little parade all started off at the Laughing Demon guild house in FFXIV (Siren Server, The Black Shroud: Lavender Beds, Ward #1, Lavender South Subdivision Aetheryte, Plot #35) The Den of Demons as we all crowed around Arya with our Ahriman mounts. Desvero started to walk around the Beds, which gave me the idea that we should all teleport to Mhor Dhona (the level 50 area) and continue our little parade. As we drifted around and around more people mounted up and gathered us... this continued and escalated into an Ahriman vs Magitek Armor battle, which we won of course. : )

Here's the screenshots I captured: Ahriman Parade screenshots

Also, if you took screenshots pls do upload them some place and link it in a comment if you desire. Thanks!