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Maltherii / Jan 29, 2015

"Fate of Arun's highly-anticipated follow-up is coming up very soon and we finally have a date to share! Launching February 24, this new update will introduce content focused on a key social component of TERA - guilds. Here's what to expect.

Crusade — Guild competition with leagues for both PvP and PvE content, including a redesigned GvG battle system.
Skycastles — Floating guild housing for the top-ranked Crusade guilds on each server.
New Dungeons
Sky Cruiser Endeavor — TERA's most challenging dungeon yet, with both normal and hard modes full of epic boss battles.
Bathysmal Rise (Hard) — This popular Fate of Arun dungeon gets a deadly makeover.
Champions' Skyring — The ultimate test of PvP skill now has a 5v5 battleground.

Finally next part of the patch that we were waiting for, cant wait for all those guild competitions

Desvero / Jan 28, 2015

The video shows 9 of the 10 classes available at the launch of the game, it's a bit long but it does show some low to mid level skills from each class.
Also as an a bonus is some info/description of each class below. Enjoy ^^


Highly mobile ranged damage dealer. The archer can augment their weapon to deal either lightning or fire damage at the cost of energy, or a lower amount of physical damage to generate energy.


It's a little difficult to see what this class is really capable of. Kinetic makes use of augmented fist weapons to control their telekinetic abilities, throwing images of giant boulders at the enemy and other such abilities. From the looks of it, this class attempts to control the field, the main ability seems to be a giant globe that enemies take more damage from while inside. This class doesn't seem to have a lot of upfront damage which makes me believe it is a support type caster class rather then dealing high amounts of damage. While this still stands, the main mechanic behind this class seems to be using small damage to build stacks on the target, which amplifies the damage
of your other abilities, giving this class high potential at burst damage.


Like the Archer, this is class is a ranged damage dealer. However, it seems like his class can substitute mobility for damage or damage for mobility. This class uses a heavy gun as their main weapon which serves multiple purposes, such as high single target dps, or heavy but un-sustained AoE dps. The main resource of this class seems to be an ammo bar, which caps at 15. Using your rocket
launcher type ability consumes ammo based on how many targets are being hit. Ammo
seems to recharge based on a timer but I wouldn't doubt there will be abilities to
recharge your ammo bar.


As most of you already know, the cyromancer is a ranged dps caster that utilizes frost as their source of damage. The cyromancer excels at controlling the enemies movement by slowing or freezing them and has both good single target dps and aoe dps. The cyromancers weapon, I'm not sure what to call it but it seems to act as a conduit between their magical abilities and the real world, giving physical form to the ice
The cyromancer uses energy for their resource. Abilities cost energy while certain abilities
restore it.


The paladin sacrifices high amounts of damage to become a stalwart defender, acting like a stone wall between the enemy and the paladins allies. With sword and shield in hand the paladin uses both holy and physical damage for both single target and AoE. I'm not too sure what to say about this class, it's basically your standard paladin tank, they have abilities to heal themselves, reduce damage taken and abilities to force the enemy to attack them. The paladin uses energy like the cyromancer.


The lightbinder, a support/damage dealer ranged caster. As the name suggests the lightbinder binds light to their will and can cause a tremendous amount of damage to their enemies, or heal their allies. The weapon of choice is a giant wand. The main combo of the lightbinder seems to deal damage to enemies OR heal allies, depending on who you are targeting. They excel at both single target and AoE. This class can deal sustained damage while moving or can deal a high amount of damage when standing still with channelled/cast abilities.
It's hard to put my finger on the true role of this class considering how much damage they can deal, but also seem to be the only class that can heal allies.


A physical melee dps, uses a gigantic 2 handed weapon to decimate foes. This class can leap around the battlefield, swinging his giant sword around to deal a ton of damage to enemies. They abilities that create a shockwave on the ground to deal AoE damage, a whirlwind type ability where they spin around dealing more AoE damage. They can lunge at the enemy they can stab the enemy. This class
is definitely catered to those that enjoy pure destruction.


A quick and deadly soldier of the shadows. Weapon of choice: Dual sickles. This class deals a high amount of damage in melee range but can also go ranged to throw giant ninja stars at the enemy, or create a shadow vortex beneath their target, which deals damage with your sickles when they come out of the ground. This class can shadow leap behind the enemy or create a clone to taunt enemies and deal damage. This is a very cool looking class that reminds me of ninja gaiden, if you like agile classes this is the one for you.


Ranged class. Unsure if support or damage dealer. Uses a scythe which sends out waves of life and death damage. Deals AoE damage and single target damage but doesn't seem to deal a high amount of either. Summons forth creatures for a short period of time which act as pets from what it looks like. Cool class either way. Although they don't deal a high amount of damage this does look like a very unique class and will be very fun to play. It seems like they can transform into a harbinger of death to deal a high amount of damage for a period of time.